New Building Project

For the last few years our church has been praying about a new church building.
We would like to have space to have Sunday school classes, a nursery, a kitchen and office space. We would also like a building that could be used for the Christian School and where we could do community center for service and outreach. We also believe that it is important to have a place that is visible and easy to get to. We have started to work and raise funds for this purpose.

There are a couple of places for sale that we are considering buying.

These first two pictures are of a restaurant that is closed and for sale just across the street from the building we have now.

The building has 3229 square feet and 4520 square feet of out side space.

To be able to buy the building and renovate it will cost about 210,000€.

There is also right down town a shopping center that is for sale. It has 7141 square feet. . The market is down and this building has been for sale for several years. So we are not exactly sure how much we could buy it for. This would be the ideal space to be a landmark in the city and be able to grow and use for so many different ministries.
Shopping Center - Downtown

Pray that God would guide us through this process and that He would provide according to His will.

If you would like to be a part of this project and be a blessing in our community please contact or send a contribution to:
P.O. Box 1883
Dothan, AL 36302

(334) 793-4579

be sure to mention the New Building project for Portugal.

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