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Jairo and Lina have been serving in our church for the last several years, their desire is to serve the Lord full time. Would you consider supporting them? Here are their testimonies:

My name is
Jairo, I was born on the 10th of October of 1985, in Almada, Portugal. I was raised up by divorced parents, and even though they were Christians, by the time they were living parted from the Lord. I lived great part of my childhood with my father and my sister. As I grew I had a certain idea of who God and Jesus were, because I used to attend an evangelical church; but until that time I wasn’t born again.
At the age of thirteen I got the chance to visit the church where I am now a member; and there I heard the gospel for the first time. Apparently I accepted Jesus but I wasn’t really convicted. Only later, at the age of nineteen, alone in my room, while reading the bible I understood the gospel, and by faith I accepted Jesus and was saved. Later, thanks to G.D.L. (Group of Development and Leadership) I got the desire to study the bible deeply and maybe become a full-time missionary in my local church.
Lina always lived with her mother and two sisters and since she was a child she used to go to an evangelical church with her mother. Nevertheless, only when she was twelve, she accepted Christ as her personal Savior. When she was fourteen years old, the Lord started to raise in her a desire to learn more of the Bible and at the age of seventeen, at a missionary conference, she consecrated her life to the Lord to be a missionary.
We met On May of 2006 and became good friends; in 2007 we started dating and by that time prayed about the possibility of studying the bible because we understood the spiritual need of our church and of our country, as well as God’s calling to our lives.
Finally, on September the 6th of 2008 we got married and on April of 2011 our desire of studying the bible became true and we went to World of Life Biblical Institute in Argentina. Since that day God has made several changes in our lives individually and as a couple. Furthermore, He has blessed us with a beautiful daughter who was born on December of 2011, in Argentina.
After 3 years of studying the Bible we came back to Portugal to serve the Lord at our local church. At the present time we both teach Sunday school classes, we are responsible for the young adults group, I teach occasionally at the Sunday service and prayer meetings. We are also in charge of a Bible Institute (New Generation Bible Institute) which is being developed in our church with the purpose of enabling, through the teaching of the Word of God, leaders and members of our missions’ local churches, since they don’t have the possibility to attend a seminary.
Through all these years the Lord has been more than good to us, always providing for our needs, even for things we did not ask Him for (Eph. 3:20). We are more than grateful and praise the Lord for His amazing doings in our family. 

Here is their support status:

To Give to Jairo & Lina

Donations can be sent to:
P.O. Box 1883,
Dothan, AL 36302

All contribuitions will be acknowlaged with an
official reciept for income-tax purposes.
Please make checks payable to 
Faith Christian Mission 
with Pinas- Lopes in the memo section.

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