Thursday, February 22, 2018

School Trip and Conference

The end of January we sent our school coordinator, Salomé to South Africa, there there is a group with a good Christian School curriculum and they are working to get it translated to be able to use all over Africa. They were especial interested to work with us because the Portuguese-African Nations use the Portuguese school system. So we are working with them to create and translate curriculum for Portugal and Africa. Please pray for us, because this is not an easy or inexpensive task.

Our Christian Education Association  held last week our first conference about Christian Education in Portugal, we were so excited to have around 150 adults come through. We were able to share with them the need and the opportunities now available to give our children a Christian Education. We had Tim Vince from Christian Education Europe and Pastor Franklin Ferreira from Brazil as our speakers.

This is something completely new and hard to understand many times, since there are no official Portuguese Christian Schools and home school is almost unheard of but growing.

Foto de Crescer na Palavra.

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