Friday, October 27, 2017

October Update

The men have a wonderful trip to Spain, it took them longer than expected to get there, but when they arrived they had a weekend that was very edifying to them as individuals and as church leaders. Since then they have been working on their home work and tasked that were asked of them.
Foto de Mario Pina.
Cuban Theologian Elvis Carballosa, one of Mários professors.

God has also been bringing new people to our church. It seems that every Sunday there is someone new. A few people has stuck around and it is a challenge for us to be able to meet with them, explain the Gospel to them and invite them to trust and follow Jesus.  Please pray that the Lord would transform their lives and give them new life in Christ. Every time we speak with unbelievers we see how lost they are and how much bitterness they live with. It makes us reflect on how are lives could have been and from what God has rescued us.

Our church had it´s 30th Anniversary. It is a privilege to be part of what God is doing here across the river from Lisbon. We had a special celebration of God´s faithfulness.
Foto de Mario Pina.

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