Friday, October 27, 2017

Could you serve in Portugal?

This past weekend we had our mission´s conference. It has been very encouraging to get to know several missionary families from Brazil, who we have partnered with, to plant churches here in Portugal. Pastor Wesley was here setting up the last few things before he moves with his family. They are planning on moving here in February.  There is an other family moving here in November.
It is heart moving to see the faith of these families coming from a poorer nation, raising support from many small churches. To come to Portugal, known to be a graveyard for Missionaries. Still the numbers say that Portugal has about .5% of Evangelical Christians. We need strong believers, missionaries and evangelist that will preach to this lost nation. Could God be calling you to be a part of this church planting team?
Lunch with pastor Wesley at the Sousa´s home.

Wednesday night prayer meeting for missions.

Tiago and Pastor Wesley.

Children singing during mission conference.

Pastor Jenuã, director of our partner mission Maranata.

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