Friday, July 1, 2016

Sports Evangelism

While Portugal is still fighting its way to the top of the Euro Cup, Mário and the men from Church have been organizing  a soccer match for July 9th to reach more young people in our community. They have been doing games and witnessing weekly, but would like to do a special event to reach out more. We would like to take the winning team to a week of camp to be able to spend more time witnessing and planting seed in their hearts. Please pray for God to bring more people to Him. We have seen time and again that we are not able to save or convince any. Only God can touch and transform a life.
The young people in our community, mostly come from broken, poor and completely lost families. We know what a difference Jesus can do in a life. Mário himself came from a neighborhood like this one and God save him out of darkness. 

Please pray we would have the funds to be able to take them to camp.

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