Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Euro Cup Champions!

This past Sunday the whole country stopped and watched the final game of the Euro Cup held in Paris, France vs. Portugal.  We had gotten back from the church´s yearly pic-nic and outing and a group of 30 came over to our house to see the game. Lancy made pancakes for the group and everyone sat down nervously to see the game. Shortly into the game Cristiano Ronaldo was injured and had to leave the field. The normal time of play ended and they went into overtime. With 10 minutes remaining Portugal scored and everyone jumped to there feet and started chanting for joy. For the next 10 minutes all fingers were crossed and finally the whistle blew. Portugal was the Euro champion!

We watched the trophy be given to the team, more friends came over and we made our way to downtown Lisbon where thousands gathered to celebrate.

Here is a video of the next day when the team returned and bused around the city to the presidential palace for a ceremony and more festivities.

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