Saturday, July 16, 2016

Attacks in Europe

Thursday night we went to bed after seeing the news of the attack in Nice.  This has caused uneasy emotions in the Portuguese people. France and Portugal have a long friendship and is considered a sister country. Over a million Portuguese citizens live in France. When we watch the videos of the attack, it looked just like a neighborhood gathering here in Portugal. Through all of our minds was the thought this could easily happen here. As you can see in my last post, Portuguese people love to get together for parties, holidays and festivities. We do so often, as a church and when engaging with the community.  We also have a large number of Muslims living in our area. In fact, from where we last lived, the local Mosque was just 100 yard´s away. Several Muslim families lived in our apartment building. 
This has brought insecurity into the hearts of our people, Catholics, Muslims, and others. Please pray that this would turn their hearts to the true and only Prince of Peace and that we might be bold soldiers of the King.

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