Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Pastor for Portugal

This past Saturday we were able to be a part of Miguel´s testing to be a pastor. The last two years he has been pastoring our sister/daughter church in the Santa Marta neighborhood. Now he was able to be questioned in his Theology, Salvation and call to ministry, and positions on christian ethics. The questioning took about two hours and then the group of about ten  pastors, from different baptist groups, unanimously recognized and recommended him to the ministry. Miguel and his family are good friends  and it is good to see them growing in their ministry to the Lord. Next Saturday will be his ordination. Thank you for keeping them in their prayers.
Miguel being questioned

Mario, Miguel, Samuel, Tiago, pastors and friends

Saturday Miguel was ordained to the ministry. our prayer is that God will continue to use him and his wife Loida for His glory.

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