Thursday, May 12, 2016

God has done more than we have asked for

Mário called me just after finishing up at the school where Fernando Soriano, the Argentine missionary, who was saved out of drugs and is living with HIV, just gave his presentation and testimony.

"God has done more than we have asked for" where his words to me. The government officials really enjoyed Fernando´s presentation they all had tears in their eyes as they were listening to his testimony.  They want to meet with Mário and Miguel to discuss with them Fernando´s coming back and speaking in all the schools in our county They want all the kids in each school to hear. They want him to give workshops to the parents about drug prevention and to speak at other community groups.

Please pray for this meeting, and pray for Fernando, his health and his trip back to Portugal in November. Pray for these open doors to stay open. Fernando openly preaches the gospel while giving his testimony and we have enemies that do not want the gospel to be heard.

Thank you for your prayers, God has heard them!
Fernando in red and his translator, Rui on the right.

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