Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sports Evangelism

Pray for us as we would like to take 20 young teens from the neighborhood to a soccer match April 30th at the Word of Life camp. Mário and several men from the church have been working with them. They have shared their testimonies and the gospel several times. We are asking the Lord to save and transform their lives. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Big News!

We have been planning on having Fernando Soriano an Argentine missionary speak and preach the gospel for one class at a local school. Since we have been organizing this we have been invited to speak to all the students at the school and all staff. If the authorities like Fernando´s presentation they will have him in all the schools in our county!

Fernando was saved by Christ out of drug addiction, he later found out the he is HIV positive. God has been using him to speak to teenagers about drugs, AIDS and other issues, but his message is the God can, and wants to save. Please be praying that May 6th God would be glorified and doors would be open so that more young people can hear about Jesus and His wonderful salvation.
Fernando at a school in Spain

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Adoption Interviews

We have turned in all our papers and had the last of all the interviews last week, in order to be approved by the Portuguese government to adopt. We are now waiting for their decision to come in the mail.

After that it is still a long road, adoption in Portugal is slow. We have also asked them to send our papers to adopt from Guinea Bissau. Thank you for keeping this in your prayers.

Easter Sunday Service

We had a wonderful Easter service. The men did a great job with their drama presentation. Sunday morning it was performed at our sister church in the Santa Marta Neighborhood. They are a new church just seven years old and we try to support and help them whenever we can.  Sunday evening they performed at the Miratejo church and we had a full house. Several people were standing, others sat on the stairs to be able to watch. We were especially thankful for the unbelievers that came and heard the gospel and seeds were planted. Our prayer is that those seeds would grow and develop.
The men rehearsing.

It was especial good to have the men involved doing this together. They spent several weeks practicing together and this of course means they spend time together. Most, if not all of them spend most of their time at work with unbelievers, so this was a time a refreshment being together with their brothers and serving Christ. Please pray for the spiritual growth of the men of the church.
At our sister church.
Diogo as Jesus´disciple Nathaniel.

Djara, Loida and Lancy singing.
A few women were involved in the musical part of the drama singing in between scenes.
Pastor Miguel preaching the gospel.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kids Easter Program

We praise the Lord we are able to share the gospel. We rented the local soccer field and held a kids program. We had a good turn out, about 40 kids came, and most of them not from church. Because of the weather conditions our VBS turned into a one day kids activity.  It is always hard to do outside events during the spring. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we try to reach our community.
What a difference it would be if these kids would come to know the Lord and live for Jesus.

Bible Gospel Story

We rented a bouncy house, the kids love them.

Here is a small clip of the games from the kids activity: