Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Women's Ministry

I don´t know about you, but for me Women's ministry is challenging. Every women is so different, likes so many different things and think so differently. We compete against each other, hold grudges and arn´t always very good friends. Here, the great majority of women work full time. And still we are wives, daughters, mothers, and so busy with so many other things.  This makes ministry with women sometimes difficult.

I do believe that lifting each other up with a practical Bible study and prayer should be the main focus of women's ministry. God´s word is the best way learn to be like Him and less like ourselves.

This last year I have been trying out a few different things. In the regular once a month women´s get together I started teaching about motherhood. All of the women in the group are mothers and I saw the need to talk about this important matter.

I had been doing a ladies tea every two weeks with a group of the older ladies from church, but the group was getting a little off target, so I have broken down into small groups.

I also have been meeting individually with a few ladies who are going though hard times or are not growing spiritualy like they should be.

As God continues to mold me I ask that he may use me to build up the women in our church.

Do you find these same dificulties where you live? What have you done to reach women around you?

P.S. The video and picture is from last Saturday. We had a ladies get together with eight other churches.

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