Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sickness and unemployment

This last month winter flu and sicknesses have been  abounding. First Tiago and Sara´s two children were sick, and went to the hospital. Lorena was sick and went to the doctor and hospital. Lara was sick, and Glauber´s new born baby was hospitalized four days because of a virus. Several other children from church have visited the doctor as well.

Several of the young adults have graduated from college, but as you can remember Portugal is still in economic recession, and have not found work. This of coarse is hard for them and their families who have to support them. Jairo, our youth leader has gone to many job interviews, but is not finding work either. This week he was called for a ten day job in France.

These things are not easy, but teach us to continually depend on our Lord for deliverance and provision. For we know that God´s grace is sufficient.

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