Friday, March 16, 2012

March Update

March 13, 2012
Spring is here and with it has brought new blessings and challenges; we would like to share  a few of them with you.

During the months of January and February we spent long hours with the youth from church preparing them for “Youth Involved” a Word of Life activity where youth from the different churches prepare evangelistic presentation, skits, puppets, Bible stories for kids, music, and the guys actually prepare ten minute sermons as well. This is a great opportunity for us to spend time with the youth and train them to teach and serve others. On the day of “Youth Involved” everyone presented what they had prepared. I think Mário and I were more nervous then the kids. :D  

These few weeks have been difficult, we know that the teen years are difficult, and we have had to confront several of the youth because of the bad decisions they have been making. Running from their problems instead of resolving them, and starting relationships without God’s guidance are a couple of issues we have had to deal with. Please pray that God would give our youth and heart for the Lord and for following Him.

We are planning to take part of the youth group to a soccer tournament next month. It will take place up north in Braga. In this area of the country evangelism is very scarce and in consequence few have been saved.  Please pray that God would use the tournament to be able to reach teens in northern Portugal for Christ.

The ministry to children has been growing.  Every Saturday this year we have had more kids attending.  In December we were thinking of changing from having a program for them every week, to have one only once a month because we only had about 5 or 6 kids coming. The first Saturday in January we had 9 kids, then 11, then 12, and have had around that many coming faithfully.

Mário has been the local kids soccer team´s coach since September, so that has been wearing him out a bit.  He would like to be able to take his team to the children´s Easter camp, where they will have a soccer tournament and most importantly hear the Gospel all week long. Please pray and consider giving a donation to sponsor the children so that they may an opportunity to know the Savior.

We both have been active in our church:  Mário with the men´s ministry and Lancy with the women´s, but we also help organize the ABWE ministry events, such as the ladies tea last month, and  planning a men´s conference in June.

Mário will be teaching Church History at the Bible Institute in May, and please also pray for him as he prepares for his ordination ceremony in October, apparently it includes  in three hours of questions before a large group of pastors.

Thank you for your friendship, love and support. May God bless you for your heart for Him.

Mário & Lancy Pina

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