Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you for praying!

Thank you for praying!
Last week we had a great week at the Baptist Camp. Praise the Lord, Mário did a great job preaching each night to the group of 40 teens. He also had a good talk with three of the young men who were not yet saved, and explain clearly the Gospel to them. They were not yet willing to make a decision for Christ. I, Lancy was able also to have a good talk with two of the girls that came forward to give their lives to living for Christ. Truly the best decision anyone can make.

Please continue to pray for the WOL camp, this week have been contacting all the teens we know here from Miratejo to see who will sign up for camp next week, please pray that their families will let them go, and pray for those who come from low income homes and do not yet have the money to go. We praise God, for touching the heart of one of the ladies from our church here in Miratejo, she offered to pay the 500 euros for the bus to take them to camp! Please pray with us that the bus will be full!

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