Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Sunday

Mário and Carla

Mário´s Father Mário, and his mother Lucilia

Together we had a nice easter lunch and dinner at our house, and they came with us to church. 
Were we had a Easter musical. Traditional Hymns were sung and the drama was about 5 different men that met Jesus, and how that changed there lives forever. We saw this video , translated it and produced it for an evangelistic Easter service.

Please remember to continue to pray for the salvation of Mário´s father, he has heard the Gospel several times, but has not yet made a decision for Christ. Also pray for Karla, who has many decisions to make for her future, pray that she would give her life to the Lord and follow Him.

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  1. Mario and Lancy, I will be praying for you and Mario's family. Thank you for sharing the I am sure it made an impact on your church. God bless you!


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