Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pray for Portugal

The Prime minister resigned last night. 
Portugal has been in an Economic crises and now has no Prime Minister.
Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates resigned Wednesday in a televised speech to his debt-ridden nation after parliament rejected his government's austerity plan intended to ease the financial crisis.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teens Involved

 These last two months, as you know, we have working with the youth training them in different areas.  This last Sunday the pastor asked us to have the youth lead the worship and  present some of the things they had been preparing.

Beatriz on the keyboard.

Worship Team:
Henrique, Bruna, Cheila and Lucas
I, Lancy, have been working with two groups of puppeteers.
Sara, who was baptized last year, and has been serving in the children's ministry, learned and prepare along with eight other girls, to give a bible lesson to children.

Mário, prepared João, and 10 other guys to share the gospel with a simple painting. João shared the gospel in church on Sunday and two visitors prayed accept Christ as their Savior!

A group of eight guys were also trained, by Marío, the basics of preaching. Each one of the guys prepared a ten minute sermon, Ricardo shared his.

The church was touched to see the kids they had seen grown up, learning to serve the Lord.

Tomarow, we are heading off to camp, each teen will give their presentation and the best in each category will be awarded.

Thank you for praying and investing in us.