Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thank you for taking the time to read. :D
A Little late to be saying happy new year, so many things have happened
already this year.

December was are last month serving in the Barreiro church, so Sunday the church
held a special service to send us to serve as missionaries in other communities,
in this case Miratejo. It was good to see the church behind us.

This month we have been enjoying teaching the youth evangelism with a sketch board, puppets and skits, preparing them for a camp where they will have to present their presentation and the best in each category will be rewarded. It is good to be able spend time with each one of them and encourage them to also serve the Lord.

Please continue to pray for the group of children we have here in Miratejo. Paulo. just turned 13, these last few months he has been having a hard time, at home and figuring out what he believes. Pray that he would chose to trust and follow God.

We are also grateful for being able to share the Gospel with Margarida (16) and see her coming to church every week,since she accepted the Lord that day. Mário visited with Fernando (31) who has been coming to church off and on and he too prayed to accept Christ as his Savior.

Thank you for your prayers, they are making a difference in our lives and the lives of those we serve.

God Bless You, Mário and Lancy Pina
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