Friday, July 2, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday

Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.
How awesome is the LORD Most High,
the great King over all the earth!
Psalms 47:1-2

Oh,what a wonderful Sunday!
Here in Miratejo ten were baptized.
I has been a privilege to see many of these saved, coming to church, growing, and now taking the step of being baptized.The Almeida Family arrived at our church last October.
They had been without a church for about ten years and were invited by a man in the church to come to ours, since then they have not missed. While at church their two daughters have accepted Christ as their Saviour.

Elizabet & Fatima Gomez. Fatima came to know the Lord July last year then in October brought her mother with her and she was saved and in December Fatima´s son Rafael also came to know the Saviour.
Pray that their husbands would come to know the Lord soon.
Rafael Gomez is being discipled by Mário, it has been really neat to see him grow and get involved with the youth group and church.
Sara Carvalho is fifteen she was invited to come to youth group early last year. After several weeks of coming asked Jesus Christ to be her Saviour. She is fun and lively, it has been great to see her bring her friends to church as well. For her baptism she brought a large group of her broken family.

Ricardo Lagna comes from one of the church families and grew up here at the church.
Barbara Viera two years ago came to know the Lord along with her mother.
They both have been attending church.
Pray for her grandmother who was in a car accident 3 months ago and has been in a coma ever since.

Thank you for being a part of the ministry here in Miratejo. Your prayers and support have given fruit for God´s glory.
May the Lord bless and keep you.

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