Monday, June 21, 2010

April, 2010

Hello from the Pina family!
At the end of March we flew from Portugal to Portland, Oregon and spent a few days with family and friends preparing for our wedding. On April 3rd we had a wonderful wedding surrounded by people we love. They came from Wyoming, Missouri, California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and other places to celebrate with us.
Many people from the church helped with decorating and setting everything up for the ceremony. God also provided a couple to take the pictures during the wedding and another good friend provided the food. A couple of men from the church were able to set up a camera and computer so that Mario’s family and friends in Portugal were able to watch the wedding online.
God truly has been good to us during this last month.
After getting married we got to spend a few days in Portland, and then traveled down to California. We have had a great time together seeing the sights and visiting many friends and some of my family so that Mario could meet and get to know them.
On our trip our two backpacks and laptop computers were stolen out of the back of our friend’s car, and only a few days later, praise the Lord, He provided us with a new computer.
We are now in Wyoming having a great time visiting my family for a few more days before we head back to Portugal May 4th.
Please pray for us as we go back. We need to finish moving our stuff into the house we will be staying in. The pastor of the church is on furlough in the US and has asked us to stay in his home until he comes back in November.
Also pray as there are many activities this summer: camp for the kids and teens at church in July and August, Vacation Bible School in September. We will also be getting ready to receive a mission team from Wyoming in October.
There are a couple of new projects that we are developing. One is an inter-church youth soccer league, and another is helping the youth at the church with their school work. For this we are thinking of an afterschool tutoring program.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support during these last few months of transition.
This last week we have been doing our devotional in Acts and can see the new believers scattered to the different cities around them, and God using them to take the gospel to the people even with the difficult circumstances that they encountered.
We don’t know what your current situation is but, thank you for being a part of taking God’s Word to Portugal.
Mário & Lancy Pina
P.S. If you would like to watch the recording of the wedding it is online at

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