Friday, September 29, 2017


Mário has had the desire to get some more training. Teaching every Sunday has grown him and given him a greater love for the Scripture. God has opened the doors for Mário, Tiago and Jairo to go Leon, Spain to get some training in the area of Biblical exposition. They will be at the Berea Seminary, witch is part of the Masters Academy International. Please pray for them as the travel and study. Thank you supporting us and allowing our team to grow.

Church Building Update

The beginning of the month we took a trip to central Portugal to visit a pastor and a building company. This company builds with light concrete. We took some of our ideas up to them and kind of got to know what they could offer us. After speaking with the men we were very encouraged to know that they can build us a church very economically and with good acoustic and thermal insulation.  What we also learned is that the property that the government had leased to us will not work for construction, or it would have to be a very small construction.  So we have a new prayer request, pray for land, a piece of land in a good location and large enough for our building, parking and outside space.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Bible Institute

These last few years God has put on Mário´s heart the need to teach and train the people from our church in a more intentional way.  Most of our church our first generation believers and don´t have the Christian background and solid foundation that many of us have been blessed to have. That is why we have been involved with a local Bible Institute that teaches in the church after work hours. Mário has been asked to be the director of the BI and this week we have had a group of four missionary pastors teaching "Good Soil" a very Biblical and practical Evangelism Class. The students have been very engaged and receptive to the class. One of the ladies came up to Mário and thanked him for insisting that she take part in the class. Please pray that God would use our church to reach other for Christ.

New School Year

This week we started our new school year. We have 17 kids that come fulltime to our homeschool together group. Once again I am in charge of organizing the preschool and and teaching English. It is a great challenge and a tremendous responsibility. Please pray for us as we have a whole school year to work with these children. Our prayer is that each one would come to know the Lord and live lives that honor Him. We have two children who do not come from christian homes.

If you would like to bless the school with books, material, volunteer work or anything else please feel free to contact me.

Vacation Bible School

This year we were very blessed to have Clackamas Bible Church coming to help us with our Vacation Bible School. It was a very intense week hosting 18 people. They were a great help. It was a blessing to be able to reach out to our community and share the gospel with the children that came each day and also with several of the parents that would bring them.

We see that each year it seems to be more challenging to reach children in our area. Please pray that we would be able to do a weekly ministry kids ministry to be able to reach and teach them all year round.