Thursday, August 30, 2018

Church Camp

This summer we were able to do our first church retreat, at least since we have been at the church. With the help of College Heights Church from Casper Wy, we were able to camp the weekend and have a great time of fellowship and worship. We thank them and the Lord for their service and for sending all four of their pastors to serve us! It was quite a job to organize our church people and a team from the States and have to cook for 80 people just on a wood fueled BBQ.


The team from Casper also helped us with our VBS program this year. They did a great job preparing the games, crafts, music and lessons. We had in average fifty kids a day. We were able to share the Gospel with them and with many of the parents who came with their kids. Diogo, a young man from our church translated the lessons for the kids. Please pray for him, that he would fear the Lord and obey Him through his struggles. It was really good to be able to involve our teenagers this year and see them serving and sharing their faith.

Family Vacation

This summer we were able to join my parents in the trip of a life time. We packed up our girls and headed to the promised land. It was so much fun to be able to explore Bible lands with our daughters and see the country side God chose and gave to Abraham. It is interesting to be able to go through the Bible and picture the places that are mentioned. We thank the Lord for the wonderful privilege.
On our way!

Street decorations

The Sea of Galiee

The Garden Tomb


The Temple Wall



Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mr. João (John)

Would you please pray for Mr. John? He is the husband of one of the ladies that comes to church and was saved at church the same week I arrived in Portugal. I have discipled dona Elisabete over the years and she has always had a burden for her unbelieving husband. This past year Mr. João has had many health issues and we have visited him because of this. Mário offered to visit him weekly and share about the Bible and he accepted. So for the last month Mário has been sharing with him the Story of Hope. Please pray that he would put his trust in the One who can heal his soul.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Easter House Camp

During our Easter break we usually have a small VBS, but during the last few years, it always rained on us and kind of spoiled our plans. This year we decided that we would invite all the church kids over to our house for a 24 hour Pina House Camp.  It was a lot of fun to have 18 of the church kids come over. We prepared for them five Easter lessons for them, food, games, Bible quiz time, they made mug cakes and Portuguese Easter bread. It was a wonderful time to share with them the wonderful story of God´s plan of redemption for our lives.

We still have not been able to start a weekly ministry for children like we would like, please pray that God would open those doors. We are reminded often that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers few.