Thursday, June 22, 2017


Last weekend we had a heat wave that just about knoked us out, the temperature reached 105º F. Then Sunday morning we woke up to the news of a large fire about 100 miles from us that had killed several people. We have now heard that 64 people have died. Firefighters from all over the country and from Spain have come to help fight the fire. Today they have said the the fire has been contained.
Please pray that the Lord would open the eyes of the Portuguese people and that they would turn to Him for salvation, the only one who can save them from the eternal fire.

CNN Story
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Joanna Joy

We are just so thankful for this sweet baby girl. She has been adjusting to a full life with us and we are learning to care for her as well. She has quite a bit of dark straight hair, and soft blue eyes. She grew a full kilo in her first month of life. Please pray that we will be able to raise her in the fear of the Lord, and that she might have a heart for Him.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Building up families

This past week and until Sunday we have had Pastor David Merkh here with us. He is a missionary from the US to Brazil and has a wonderful ministry purposed in building up families. He teaches what the Bible says about the family, how it was God that created it to mirror, spread, and represent God´s glory in the world.

He has also sat down with us, with the leadership of our church and other pastors to teach us how we can better serve the families of our churches.

It is our prayer to have strong families that love and live for the Lord.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Count down!

39 Weeks + 2 days.
Please be praying for us these next few days. My due date is coming up on Tuesday, so we are just waiting for her to be born.  We went to the doctor today, she said everything looks good, but she dosn´t really want me to go past my due date and we are really hoping not to have an other C-section. Please pray with us for this, we know He is in control.

"We can make our own plans,
but the Lord gives the right answer." Proverbs 16:1

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shepherds Conference

Mário was blessed to spend his last week in the US at the Shepherds Conference. It was an unexpected surprise and we were very excited that he was invited. He and my dad were able to be there and participate, learning from wonderful pastors and church leaders.  Mário came back challenged once again to serve His great God and be faithful to the calling God has given him. It was a great way to finish up our time in the States and come back renewed. Please pray for God to grant him wisdom as he leads the Miratejo church. 

Visiting Grace Community Church.

With my cousin Bobby.

With pastor Ariel from Mexico and my dad.

Mario, dad and Albert Molher.